Improve Your Smile Using Restorative Dentistry

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthGet back your natural smile using restorative dentistry. Several treatments are available to replace missing teeth or protect teeth from decay or damage. There are many different forms of restorative dentistry.

Main takeaways:

– Fillings, crowns, and composite resin used in bonding are used to cover tooth decay and prevent further cavities.

– Veneers are used to mask chipped, stained or uneven teeth.

– Dental implants are individual artificial teeth that can be a permanent substitute for missing teeth.

– Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that can be removed and cleaned.

Visit the dentist to have your cracks, stains, loose and missing teeth fixed.

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Relationship Between Tongue Piercings and Gum Disease

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthYou might have been aware that tongue piercings can damage the teeth. However, did you know that your gums might also be at risk? What dangers are recognised by the average dentist? Let’s look at three potential situations.
– Incidences of receding gums are higher in those with a piercing.
– Inflammation and bleeding are also more common.
– Infections could possibly result in surgical intervention.
“A separate study from Belgium found that two young women (ages 27 and 32) with tongue piercings suffered repeated gum damage.”
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The Surprising Applications of Dental Bonding

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthA hard resin known as composite dental bonding is often utilised to address superficial issues with your teeth, like chips and cracks. Some benefits may indeed surprise you. Let’s take a quick look at a handful of reasons why a dentist might choose this truly revolutionary substance.

– Bonding can be used as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

– Resin is often chosen to protect exposed roots.

– Surface issues such as chips, cracks and gaps can likewise be fixed with resin.

“Tooth bonding can help improve your smile in numerous ways.”

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A Quick Look at Gingival Grafts

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthIf you suffer from severe gingivitis, a dentist might recommend a gum graft. In this case, healthy tissue is placed over areas that no longer sufficiently cover the teeth. Let’s take a brief look at a common technique known as a “free gingival graft.”

– First, a numbing agent is applied to the areas of the mouth that will be involved, to eliminate pain.

– The dentist then removes a section of tissue from the roof of the mouth.

– This tissue is attached (grafted) to the appropriate gum area.

“This is the preferred method for people with thin gums who require extra tissue to enlarge the gums.”

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How Dental Sealants Can Prevent Tooth Decay

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthDental sealants can protect against tooth decay by preventing food particles and bacteria settling on the tooth’s surface. In summary, sealants:

– Are applied quickly and painlessly over teeth by a dentist and should last for several years with no side effects.

– Can be placed over early signs of decay to prevent further damage.

– Should never replace a good oral hygiene routine.

Brushing and flossing daily and seeing your dentist for regular checkups are the best protection against tooth decay.

“Ask your dentist if sealants are a good option for you and your family.”

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How to Effectively Brush Teeth with Braces

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthA dentist will often recommend braces to straighten teeth and to guarantee an amazing smile. However, brushing can be challenging if you are unaware of what tools to use. Let’s look at three professional recommendations as well as the benefits that they will provide.

– Toothbrushes with soft bristles will help to protect your teeth.

– Inter-dental cleaners can brush hard-to-reach areas.

– Floss with wax will expedite the cleaning process while helping to protect the gums.

“Although braces are beneficial, they can making brushing and flossing a little more challenging while receiving treatment.”

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Common Causes of TMJ in Children

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthTemporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is characterised by pain and stiffness within the jaw. While not many children suffer from this condition, it is still a good idea to look at some of the root causes.

– Children who grind their teeth are at a higher risk.

– Injuries to the jaw are another factor.

– Bad habits such as chewing on hard candy or plastic pen caps can lead to TMJ.

“Your child’s dentist will need to identify the root cause of their TMJ pain in order to implement effective treatment.”

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Can Prenatal Markers Within the Teeth Signal Autism?

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthAutism is a cognitive condition defined by poor communication skills and problems with abstract emotions. Baby teeth might be able to illustrate whether this condition is present.

– Baby teeth were studied to detect exposure to chemicals within the womb.

– Copper and zinc were found to be particularly important.

– Abnormal levels of these elements may indicate the presence of autism.

“According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 68 children in the United States is diagnosed with autism.”

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Preventing Cracked Teeth

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthA cracked tooth can occur for a multitude of reasons and it would be impossible to safeguard against all eventualities. However, by taking some precautions, it is possible reduce the likelihood of teeth becoming cracked, chipped or broken.

Some commonsense precautions include:

– Avoiding hard, chewy foods as much as possible

– Eliminating bad habits like grinding the teeth or chewing on pens

– Wearing a protective guard while taking part in sports

If grinding teeth during sleep is a problem it is best to discuss the matter with your dentist who may recommend “wearing a mouthguard at night” and further information about cracked teeth can be found at

Numbness During & After Undergoing Dental Procedures

teeth health smile dentistWhenever you are undergoing a dental surgery, the dentist uses novocaine and sometimes epinephrine to numb the pain. So, how long will it take before the numbness wears off?

Main takeaways:

– People with a tooth infection are less sensitive to anaesthesia.

– Unless you have conditions like heart disease and hypertension, the dentist might also use epinephrine to ensure numbness.

– Follow all instructions from the dentist for the numbness to last as it should.

Novocaine is also used during fillings, teeth extraction, wart and cataract removal and pacemaker insertion.

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