Am I A Good Candidate For Crown Lengthening?

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthIf you experience any of the conditions listed below, you may benefit from a having a crown lengthening procedure.

Key takeaways:

– Large and / or deep cavities that have affected the gumline as well as your teeth.

– If you are self-conscious about having a gummy smile, crown lengthening can be a good option.

– This is a common procedure to address the effects of trauma to the teeth.

If you are a good candidate for this treatment, your dentist will explain the procedure and after-care details before you decide to go ahead with it.

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Keto Diet and Bad Breath

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthLow-carbohydrate keto diets are popular for losing weight and lowering blood sugar. However, they often cause keto breath, with a distinct acetone or ammonia-like smell and different from typical halitosis.

Key takeaways:

– As our body burns up fat stores, the liver produces ketones.

– Patients mention a metallic taste, or a smell similar to rotten fruit.

– Our body releases waste ketones when we urinate or breathe out.

It is essential to keep up with oral hygiene: brushing at least twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash to protect the teeth.

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The Benefits of Healthy Summer Snacks for You and Your Kids

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthSummer provides an array of fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on which are good for you and your children’s teeth. Such healthy snacks contribute to good dental health and will keep your dentist happy, too.

Key takeaways:

– The natural sugar in fruit makes for a healthy snack, good for teeth and body alike.

– Crunchy vegetables added to hummus help clean teeth and remove plaque.

– Summer fruits can be used in snacks including sorbet, frozen fruit bars and fruit kabobs for the kids.

“Your teeth will reap the benefits of extra hydration from fruits, scrubbing action from vegetables with hummus, and calcium from frozen yogurt. Enjoy them while they last—soon summer will be gone!”

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Causes of Black Teeth

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthThere are various reasons why children’s and adult’s teeth turn black and tooth decay is top of the list. Severe tooth decay often ends up with an extraction. However, the dentist will try to avoid this and treat the problem before it gets out of control.

Once any tooth discolouration is noticed, it should be discussed with your dentist to discover exactly why this has occurred. While decay is likely, there is often a fairly simple explanation such as:

– Tea and coffee

– Smoking and nicotine products

– Certain medications

It is best to “avoid black teeth with proper dental hygiene” including brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. More tips to avoid black teeth can be found at


Did You Know a Deep Clean at the Dentist Could Save Your Life?

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthAlthough regular dental check-ups seem like a chore, your dentist can spot problems early and perform a deep clean that can have substantial health benefits:

– A growing body of evidence supports an association between untreated gum disease and serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

– A deep clean removes plaque build-up, reducing gum inflammation and preventing gum disease.

– Regular dental check-ups can spot any problems early enough to be treated effectively.

“Instead of being anxious about your smile or depressed about missing teeth, simply schedule a dentist appointment at least once a year to keep your smile as healthy as possible!”

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How Does Vaping Affect Your Oral Health?

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthAlthough vaping is not considered as harmful as smoking, it can still have detrimental effects on your oral health:

– Vaping can cause inflammation of the gum tissue, resulting in receding gums.

– A dry mouth as a result of vaping can increase the risk of tooth decay; saliva protects your teeth.

– Toxic chemicals in e-cigarettes result in damage to the lungs when inhaled, worsening existing conditions such as asthma.

“If you choose to use these products, visiting your dentist can help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums!”

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Improve Your Smile Using Restorative Dentistry

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthGet back your natural smile using restorative dentistry. Several treatments are available to replace missing teeth or protect teeth from decay or damage. There are many different forms of restorative dentistry.

Main takeaways:

– Fillings, crowns, and composite resin used in bonding are used to cover tooth decay and prevent further cavities.

– Veneers are used to mask chipped, stained or uneven teeth.

– Dental implants are individual artificial teeth that can be a permanent substitute for missing teeth.

– Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that can be removed and cleaned.

Visit the dentist to have your cracks, stains, loose and missing teeth fixed.

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Relationship Between Tongue Piercings and Gum Disease

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthYou might have been aware that tongue piercings can damage the teeth. However, did you know that your gums might also be at risk? What dangers are recognised by the average dentist? Let’s look at three potential situations.
– Incidences of receding gums are higher in those with a piercing.
– Inflammation and bleeding are also more common.
– Infections could possibly result in surgical intervention.
“A separate study from Belgium found that two young women (ages 27 and 32) with tongue piercings suffered repeated gum damage.”
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The Surprising Applications of Dental Bonding

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthA hard resin known as composite dental bonding is often utilised to address superficial issues with your teeth, like chips and cracks. Some benefits may indeed surprise you. Let’s take a quick look at a handful of reasons why a dentist might choose this truly revolutionary substance.

– Bonding can be used as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

– Resin is often chosen to protect exposed roots.

– Surface issues such as chips, cracks and gaps can likewise be fixed with resin.

“Tooth bonding can help improve your smile in numerous ways.”

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A Quick Look at Gingival Grafts

teeth, health, smile, dentist, dentalhealth, oralhealthIf you suffer from severe gingivitis, a dentist might recommend a gum graft. In this case, healthy tissue is placed over areas that no longer sufficiently cover the teeth. Let’s take a brief look at a common technique known as a “free gingival graft.”

– First, a numbing agent is applied to the areas of the mouth that will be involved, to eliminate pain.

– The dentist then removes a section of tissue from the roof of the mouth.

– This tissue is attached (grafted) to the appropriate gum area.

“This is the preferred method for people with thin gums who require extra tissue to enlarge the gums.”

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